What Qualifications Matter Most for Nanny Placement Services?

Many nanny agencies require a minimum number of years of professional nanny experience over the age of 18 in order to qualify to register with their agency. At Kindred Families, we require a minimum of three years of experience before we accept anyone for a placement.

Exceptions Can be Made Under Certain Circumstances

However, there are sometimes exceptions that can be made to the actual “nannying experience” rule. One exception is experience working with children in schools or early learning centers. We also accept formal training such as that which comes with a background in Early Childhood Education. Of course, whether to hire a nanny with experience only or training plus experience is left to the discretion of the employers. We, and most families, understand that it is not uncommon to transition from a childcare or nanny setting to a group or school settings and vice versa.

What About Gaps Between Nanny and Classroom Experience?

What concerns do parents have when they see a time gap in experience? Why do some parents feel less comfortable with individuals with gaps in time between nannying due to working in a classroom type setting? Again, this is all based on personal preference. However, it is our professional opinion that professional childcare workers should not be discounted due to these gaps of time. Provided, of course, that their line of work was consistently in working with children. Many nannies and teachers transition between both settings. Especially now, due to COVID.

Is Previous Nanny or Childcare and Teaching Experience Preferred?

The main thing to keep in mind is that the individual you hire has enough experience working with children at an age range that pertains to your child(ren)’s age and stage of development. Parents should never compromise on their standards or level of expectations. However, we encourage them to look beyond actual years of “nanny experience.” Consider also the individual’s work experience and how their family could potentially benefit from it.

Call Kindred Families for a Confidential Nanny Placement Consultation

Kindred Families offers nanny placement services in California. We can handle the entire screening process for you from beginning to end. This includes reviewing and verifying a potential nanny’s previous experience.  Contact us today at (925) 532-1107 for a confidential nanny placement consultation.