What is a Realistic Timeline for Nanny Placement?

The advice we give people as not only one of the most experienced, but also one of the most personable, nanny agencies serving California, is to take your time. Rushing to find just any nanny often leads to disappointment for both the family and the nanny. Finding the right nanny takes time, whether you do it alone or utilize a nanny agency such as Kindred Families. Expect at Least One Month or Likely Two Months!

Even When Working With Nanny Agencies, It Takes Time

Even the most seasoned nanny agencies don’t always have the ideal nanny standing by for your family. What can help move the process along is for you to have a very detailed list of what you are looking for in a nanny and what you expect them to do for you. Some examples include:

  • Experience
  • Education
  • Languages spoken
  • Schedule/availability
  • Certifications/licenses

You will also need to be able to let them know if you want additional household chores handled in addition to child care. As you interview different candidates, you’ll want to get a feel for their personality, if they prefer a more structured day and how you can see them fitting in as part of your family. Even the most seasoned nanny agency can’t determine if a nanny they send to you for an interview will be a good fit for your family unless they are aware of your detailed expectations for a nanny’s services in advance.

Why So Long?

If you choose a nanny placement agency, interviews take place with every candidate. That will include a background check, verification of immunization records, previous employment and education. In addition, nanny agencies are always in the process of screening additional candidates. Other times the candidates are in a position but know that the current placement will be ending shortly. Should you choose to do the hiring yourself, you’ll need time to find candidates, interview them and run background checks. 

Let Kindred Families Nanny Agency Help

We can find the ideal nanny for your family. Call us today at (925) 532-1107 today to learn about our services. If you are in the California Bay Area, Los Angeles, or San Diego, let Kindred Families help you find the ideal nanny for your family.