What Happens if Your Family or Nanny Gets COVID?

Many employers are requiring their nanny to have COVID vaccinations in order to be eligible to work with their family. This is a completely understandable request. However, as we are experiencing, the vaccine does not guarantee against contracting the virus. With this in mind, what kind of plan should you have in place if the unexpected happens and your nanny or your family contracts COVID?

Agree on Terms in Advance

First and foremost, you need a signed agreement in place in the event any family members or the nanny, are exposed to or contract COVID. This agreement must outline three elements. First, the testing requirements. Next, the number of quarantine or off days. And, lastly, a payment agreement for days not worked.

Plan Ahead for Unpredictable Times

At Kindred Families, we provide a COVID-19 Agreement with all of our packages, along with the customized Work Agreement. This helps take the guesswork out of how to properly address this delicate topic. It also ensures financial security for the nanny, regardless of who may have been exposed to COVID. It is important to remember that job security offers reliability, so families need to be sure that they look after their nanny’s best interests, especially during such unpredictable times.

Kindred Families Supports Your Communication

Open communication about lifestyle choices and social interaction is key in the approach to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for everyone in the household. Having honest discussions about preferences or fears is completely acceptable and we definitely encourage it. If families or our placed nannies ever feel as though they are having a difficult time approaching a sensitive topic, we at Kindred Families are happy to assist in facilitating a supportive environment to openly discuss any matter. What is most important to us is that all parties feel safe, supported, and heard.