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Walking You Through the Process From Start to Finish

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Kindred Families represents nannies and families looking for part-time, full-time, and temporary care. Our guided process makes it easy for nannies and families to find their ideal fit.

Initial Call

This initial call is to discuss the nanny’s qualifications and placement preferences, and to answer any questions they may have regarding a specific position. If the nanny meets all our agency’s requirements, they will be sent a link to schedule the Zoom interview at a time that works for them. Additionally, the nanny will be sent a copy of our Nanny File Information form, as well as our agreements that must be signed prior to meeting over Zoom.

Zoom Interview

The Zoom Interview can take anywhere from 30 – 60 minutes. During this time, Kindred Families will create the nanny’s online profile by gathering their basic information, in addition to completing the Nanny Questionnaire that will be shared with hiring families.

Nanny File Information

After completing the Zoom, the nanny must then work on getting us all the documentation required to build a complete Nanny File.

Presentation and Interviewing

Once a nanny has provided our agency with their documents, Kindred Families will present them electronically by sharing their file with the hiring family. If the family is interested in moving forward with an interview, Kindred Families will schedule one on their behalf.


Trial Days

If a hiring family is interested in moving forward with a candidate, Kindred Families will help to facilitate paid trial days with the nanny in hopes of securing a job offer. If a job offer is made once the trial period is over, Kindred Families will then draft the Work Agreement for both parties to sign.

Nanny Requirements


Experience – a minimum of 3 years professional childcare experience that occurred over the age of 18. Nannies with experience in group childcare settings such as home daycare or classroom centers, do qualify. Nannies that do not have work experience per se, but have a degree in early childhood education, may be considered at the Family’s discretion.

References – a minimum of 2 professional references are required, not including family or friends.

Education – Nannies must have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Work Eligibility – Nannies must be legal to work in the U.S.

Language – Nannies must have English proficiency to register with Kindred Families. The minimum level of fluency must be semi-fluent to ensure proper communication with our agency, and the Family must specify their fluency level requirements. The Family may request additional spoken languages from the Nanny.

Vaccinations – Kindred Families requires proof of negative TB results. The Family may require as many vaccinations as they like for a Nanny to qualify for the role.

CPR and First Aid – Nannies must become certified within the first 30 days of employment. Some Nannies do not have the means to incur the cost of certification while unemployed and need to secure employment before having the ability to become certified. The Family may offer to pay for the course if they require the Nanny to be certified prior to their official start date.

TrustLine – Nannies must become registered with TrustLine within the first 30 days of employment. This is a cost to be incurred by the Nanny, so they are given a 30-day grace period for the same reasons listed above. The Family may also choose to incur this cost on behalf of the Nanny if they require this to be completed prior to the Nanny’s official start date.