Nanny Job and Education Requirements

How do you determine eligibility to work as a professional nanny? Nanny job and education requirements are set by the hiring family and/or the nanny agency representing them. The minimum number of professional years’ experience varies amongst agencies, as does the educational requirements. However, almost all agencies require that the nanny’s eligible experience was gained over the age of 18.

There are more things to take into consideration when measuring one’s eligibility for a role as a professional nanny.

In this article, you’ll also find answers to the following questions:

  • What qualifications do I need to be a nanny?
  • What are a nanny’s responsibilities?
  • What skills do nannies need?
  • What are nanny duties?
  • What is a nanny paid?

 What qualifications do I need to be a nanny?

There are varying degrees of expectations set by families which should be clearly outlined in the job description. This is discussed in detail during the interview. This clarifies a nanny’s eligibility for the position.


Kindred Families requires that individuals looking to register with our agency:

  • have a minimum of 3 years professional childcare experience while over the age of 18
  • experience in group childcare settings such as home daycare or classroom centers
  • individuals with a degree in early childhood education (considered at the family’s discretion)


References are a very important part of the process of nanny job and education requirements. These provide the agency and hiring family with vital information about the nanny such as:

  • experience
  • work ethic
  • job performance

Kindred Families requires a minimum of 2 professional references provided by the nanny.


At times, some families may request that the nanny hold a college degree to be considered. Without a doubt, some college, or a college degree, is preferred by families looking for educational assistance.

This type of assistance includes, but is not limited to:

  • meeting milestones
  • language development
  • homework help for school-age children
  • assistance with children with special needs
  • other special requests

Kindred Families requires nannies to have a high school diploma or equivalent  for a professional nanny position.


To ensure successful communication, agencies and hiring families establish English fluency requirements. Families may request additional spoken languages at their discretion.

Nannies must have semi-fluent English proficiency to register with Kindred Families.


Please note, a family may request specific vaccinations to qualify for the role. This should be communicated up front so the nanny can determine eligibility for the position.

Typically, families require:

  • Flu
  • COVID vaccines
  • Tdap vaccines

Kindred Families requires proof of negative TB results.

CPR and First Aid

Managing the health and safety of children is a huge responsibility.  Therefore, it is imperative to be CPR and First Aid Certified within 30 days of employment with Kindred Families. This grace period is offered as a courtesy.

Notably, some individuals don’t have the means of incurring these costs. Therefore, the family may offer to pay for the course on the nanny’s behalf. Especially, if the family requires the nanny to be certified prior to their official start date.

Kindred Families requires that all nannies become CPR and First Aid certified within the first 30 days of employment.


The state of California has its own background screening requirements for childcare workers through TrustLine.

TrustLine allows for additional screening in the childcare industry which includes:

  • Fingerprint records from the California Department of Justice Criminal History System
  • Fingerprint records of the FBI Criminal History System
  • Child Abuse Central Index of California
  • County Criminal Search
  • Cross-check with Community Care Licensing

All California nannies applying to Kindred Families must become registered with TrustLine
upon accepting a position with a family represented by our agency.

Work Eligibility

Nannies must be legal to work in the U.S. This is a vital componenent of nanny job and education requirements.

Kindred Families requires nannies to have the ability to lift up to 40 pounds.

What are a nanny’s responsibilities?

The role of a nanny means more than just being responsible for the care of children. Parents want to know that their child is safe while in the care of a nanny. But, they also want to be assured that their style of parenting is implemented during their absence.

Take note: 

There is no room for personal opinions or a preferred approach to discipline when it comes to other people’s children.

It is the nanny’s job to assist in raising the child in the same way the parents do. It is for this reason that the nanny is responsible for determining their compatibility with a family prior to entering an employment relationship with them. During the trial period, if the nanny is not comfortable with the family’s lifestyle or parenting choices, the nanny needs to make the judgment call.

What skills do nannies need?

It goes without saying, a successful nanny is:

  • good with kids
  • organized
  • a strong communicator
  • easily adapts to their work environment

However, there is more to being a good nanny than navigating another person’s space while providing quality care for their children. Intuition is by far one of the best skills a nanny can possess. Having the ability to recognize a situation according to its tone allows the nanny to approach it with thoughtfulness and consideration.

A good example of this would be arriving to work on a morning where the household didn’t get much sleep the night before and understanding that typical daily expectations may need to be adjusted according to everyone’s ability to function properly. It is just as important to be sensitive to the needs of the adults in the house, as it is the children’s.

As you can see, there’s more to nanny job and education requirements than meets the eye.

What are nanny duties?  

Nannies are expected to help with all child related tasks.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • meal prep
  • laundry
  • upkeep of common areas
  • meeting children’s physical and emotional needs in accordance with their age and stage of development
  • aiding children in meeting milestones

Some nannies are also expected to provide transportation to and from school and activities. In addition, they may help with homework for school-aged children. It is acceptable to require the nanny to take on a family assistant role.

Types of family assistant tasks for the whole family can include:

  • meal prep
  • laundry
  • upkeep of kitchen and trash
  • household organization
  • errand running
  • calendar planning
  • pet care
  • other special requests

The only inappropriate tasks would be those that are required of a house cleaner or housekeeper.

What is a nanny paid?

The nanny’s compensation will be determined by the number of duties required of them, while also factoring in the average pay range for the work location. Families or nannies requiring advice concerning compensation are encouraged to contact us to assist in this matter.

Kindred Families offers unconditional support. We value the needs of all that we work with. 

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