• Is it based on the caliber of their clientele? 
  • Is it because they choose to work with nannies that have a higher level of qualifications? 
  • Or is it simply because they are trying to attract a higher profile client to drive up their revenue? 

The truth is, it really doesn’t matter. The best San Diego nanny agency isn’t the one that claims to be, but rather the one that best suits your specific needs for a nanny placement who works well with you and your family.

San Diego Nanny Agency

Understanding Your Needs & Expectations

As an experienced San Diego nanny agency that also provides nanny services to the surrounding southern CA area, we are very familiar with the needs of families in this part of the country. It is our goal to provide a compatible nanny to your family through our nanny placement services in southern California.  To provide a nanny placement that works well for your family and your nanny, you should have a clear understanding of what you need from your nanny and expect from them daily. It also helps to have a list of other tasks you would like accomplished, but are not necessarily mandatory.

What Do You Need and Expect from Your Nanny?

This is a very personal question. It varies from family to family. However, if you don’t know what you need your nanny to do, daily, weekly and monthly, you won’t keep them very long. Here are some of the things to think about as you put together your list:

  • Do they need to be able to drive the children to and from activities?
  • Should they be prepared and educated enough to assist with homework?
  • Will meal preparation be expected and, if so, which and how many meals daily?
  • Are you going to expect regular updates throughout the day either via text or phone calls?
  • Is housekeeping part of their responsibilities and if so, what specifically?

Think about everything you’re doing for your children now and decide what you expect from your nanny in that list. Be able to share your needs with the agency, to assist you in finding a nanny who will work well with your family.

Do You Also Have a Wish List?

For some a wish list includes things like a flexible schedule or willingness to spend the night. Others want a nanny who is bilingual and can tutor the children in another language. You may also have some personal preferences such as a specific religion if you’re planning on involving the nanny in your child’s religious upbringing. Whatever you are looking for that isn’t a job requirement should be on your wish list. 

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