CPR and First Aid Training Course for Nannies


CPR and First Aid Training Course for Nannies 

When working as a professional nanny, it is crucial that you maintain current CPR and First Aid certification while providing care for children. However, obtaining certification often comes with many questions, such as the ones listed below. Read on to learn the necessary steps to take to enroll in the most appropriate CPR and First Aid course for nannies.


  • When should I become CPR and First Aid Certified?
  • What topics are addressed in the course?
  • Are all courses created equal?
  • How long is my certificate valid?
  • Which course is right for me?


When Should I Become CPR and First Aid Certified?

Timeline requirements for becoming CPR and First Aid certified can vary depending on the type of environment you are providing childcare services in. Regardless, it is not a bad idea to become certified prior to seeking employment as a nanny. Applying to positions with the ability to provide a copy of a current certificate communicates your level of professionalism in the nanny industry, and is well received by hiring families. Although, at Kindred Families nanny agency, we understand that some individuals must first secure employment prior to incurring the cost of certification. It is for this reason that we allow for a 30-day grace period from the start of employment for a nanny to become CPR and First Aid certified.


What Topics are Addressed in the course?

To ensure that you are receiving certification for both CPR and First Aid, you must be sure to register for a course that covers both topics. There are many different courses offered online and in-person, but the most appropriate CPR and First Aid course for nannies is one that specifically addresses child and baby training. There are courses that also cover adult training in addition to pediatric training. These courses are designed to equip students to recognize and care for a variety of first aid, breathing, and cardiac emergencies involving adults, children, and babies.


Are All Courses Created Equal?

The content within each course varies in many ways, which is why it is important that you choose a course that is specific to your employment requirements. As mentioned above, the type of environment you provide childcare services in will determine which type of certification is required of you. Providers working in a home daycare or childcare center, are required to train through an in-person course to obtain certification that is OSHA compliant. However, this is not mandatory for nannies providing care in private homes.


How Long is My Certificate Valid?

A CPR and First Aid certificate is valid for 2 years. For certifications earned through in-person training, a condensed renewal course can be taken in place of the full-length course if renewed prior to the expiration date. However, this does not apply to certificates earned online, in which case the original course must be taken again at the time of expiration.


Which Course is Right for Me?

At Kindred Families, our recommended CPR and First Aid course for nannies is the American Red Cross Adult, Child And Baby First Aid/CPR/AED Online Course, which can be taken for just $35. We suggest this class to both the nannies and families we work with for its quality, convenience, and affordability. Contact us today to learn about our services and how we may be able to help you secure a placement as a nanny.